The guy’s think it and the girl’s know it.  Jennifer Aniston is hot!  If you have seen her in “Horrible Bosses” you know this 42 is in amazing shape and that is why more info about the Jennifer Aniston workout is in such high demand.jennifer aniston diet 205x300 Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine Secrets

“It’s simple,” she told the Daily Mirror at the London launch of her eponymous perfume in London on Wednesday. “[I] run, work out every day. I do a lot of running — exercise is so important.”

The single actress added, “Plus it’s all about balance.  Work, exercise, diet, you need balance.”

Yes indeed if you want to have the Jennifer Aniston look, it will take some work but most women can get similar effects by following some basic rules.

First let’s break down what Jennifer Aniston workout routine and diet plan consists of.

1) Yoga – Jennifer does her yoga workouts with instructor Mady Ingber to help tone her body and relieve stress.  She does yoga at least 3 times a week and sometimes up to 2 hours a day!  Some of her favorite poses are the Butterfly pose, one arm balance, push ups and the crescent pose. Try to hold each pose for 30 to 60 seconds (about 5 to 10 deep breaths), then follow each move immediately with two sets of 8 to 10 reps of the paired calisthenic.

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2) Cardio – Together with Jen’s yoga exercise sessions she also has a cardio routine. Jen alternates between an elliptical trainer and the treadmill.  She typically does at least 22 minutes of cardio work outs before getting into her yoga.  In Jennifer Aniston’s cardio workouts she does interval training.  What this means is she will go fast for about 1 minute and then slow down for maybe 30 secs and then fast again.  This gets your heart rate going but helps you burn more fat.

She recently told the Daily Mirror: “It’s simple. [I] run, work out every day. I do a lot of running — exercise is so important.”

Jen+Aniston Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine Secrets3) Diet- Now the hardest part for most people to getting the Jennifer Aniston look is the diet.  Jennifer has been known for a long time to follow the Zone Diet.  Unlike the Atkins diet, you can eat carbs but the nutrient breakdown is kind of strict.  The Zone Diet one must eat a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% body fat.  Basically you must eat whole lean proteins, whole foods, and low starchy fruits.

Now this sounds great.  The Jennifer Aniston workout routine and diet plan will get anyone in great shape, but let’s be honest, this is her J.O.B. to look great.  She has unlimited resources, tons of time and her genetics help out a little bit.

So how can an average woman like you and me get the sexy, slim look of Jennifer Aniston?

First, I recommend you watch this video…

ladiesfitnessvid1 Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine Secrets

As you saw from the video us “average” ladies need to workout different if we want Jennifer’s Sexy figure.

The next component is what kind of diet plan should you get on?  I don’t know about you, but measuring every food and only eating plain food doesn’t appeal to me.  Now if you want to lose fat and eat right then watch this second video that shows you 4 Foods to NEVER Eat (if you want to lose fat) plus many other great diet fat loss tips you can use in the next 30 days.

>>>Click Here To Watch The Diet Tips to Look Like Jennifer<<<

I hope those two videos helped you out to help you achieve the Jennifer Aniston look.  Her workouts and diet plans are definitely great as you can see from her body.  The thing I would add to her program is adding in some weight training.  Ladies tend to shy away from lifting weights, but it is the fastest way to burn fat and lose the unwanted pounds.  If you want to incorporate weights into your workouts.  My top recommendation for female weight training, diet and cardio and everything else in between would be Flavia Delmonte’s Flavilicious Fitness.  Check it out here.

That about sums up the Jennifer Aniston workout and diet plan.  If you liked this please share it and hit the like button.

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jennifer aniston workout 300x212 Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine and Diet Is Coming…

Whatever Jennifer Aniston is doing right now, she is doing it right.  Don’t you agree?  She really has the body (and looks) that all the ladies want (& the guys too).  Well with the Jennifer Aniston workout routine and diet, you can achieve the great body that she has.

Jennifer had a great body in Friends but since the show ended, she has gotten even better looking and you can definitely attribute that back to her workouts and her diet.  In just a few days I’m going to reveal the Jennifer Aniston workout, but I’ll give you a couple clues.

Jennifer’s diet is mainly focused on the popular Zone Diet and she incorporates yoga into her regular workout plan.  Like I said, I’m putting the finishing touches to her workout and will be posted within days.  Make sure to click the “like” button if you want me to hurry and post it icon wink Jennifer Aniston Workout Routine and Diet Is Coming…

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